In the world of shooting and firearms, there are a lot of facets to consider. There is no one path or direction that should be taken. There are a lot of different ideas and suggestions that can be considered. Gunners Project was created as a means to address this conundrum. After getting into reloading and having a desire to gain greater knowledge about firearms, reloading, and improving it was discovered that there are a lot of apps that helped in some way or another, but not one that gave a grand overview of the whole picture. The idea to have one place to obtain gear and equipment, but then to track it all and have that higher overview of the firearm and shooting hobbies is the goal of Gunners Project. Let Gunners Project help you gain that grand overview as you begin your own Project!

The Store

The Gunners Project Store provides access to over 50,000 products at reasonable pricing. This is achieved by reducing the costs of overhead, using drop-shipments, and not requiring the costs that traditional stores do. Our product details are updated several times throughout the day to provide the most up to date pricing and availability. The store also helps fund Gunners Project to maintain a no cost to you experience without ads.

The App

The Gunners Project App provides a way to track your firearms, accessories, maintenance records, ammunition inventory, reloading inventory and data, as well as shooting results and how all of those relate to each other. When looking at a firearm in your inventory you can have an overview of accessories attached to it, its purchase or sale, what ammunition is on hand, the last time you maintained it, your shooting results, and any other notes you choose to add. Keep track of your purchase history of ammunition and reloading supplies to know exactly what you have and what you paid. When creating ammunition from reloading supplies inventory is automatically deducted to maintain an accurate count of what is on hand. 

The Future

As with your Project, Gunners Project is still a project. Currently, Gunners Project is developed, maintained, and ran by the owner. There are a lot of future plans to integrate the app with the store so that when items are purchased through the store they are automatically added to your inventory and to also provide alerts for when your favorite ammo is on sale or when you are getting low. The sky truly is the limit with the app. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas, fund the project by purchasing through the Store, or jump in and begin your Project!